Bigfoot Discovery Museum

Admission: Free

The Bigfoot Discovery Museum in Felton is dedicated, unsurprisingly, to all things Bigfoot. Opened in 2004, the museum pictures, foot castings, videos, a giant diorama, and a whole ton of pop culture related Bigfoot stuff.

There are several nifty looking Bigfoot sculptures outside the building.

Giant Bigfoot plushie looks somewhat forlorn.

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Roaring Camp Railroads

Admission: $10 per car, $29 for the train ride.

Roaring Camp Railroads is located in Felton in the Santa Cruz Mountains and was opened in 1963. The camp runs trains both up to Bear Mountain and down to the Santa Cruz beach. The camp also features a cafe, gift shop and many historical activites and buildings.

Authentic steam engines are used and are the oldest narrow gauge steam engines providing passenger service in the US.

It is a cute little town.

Also, a nice gift shop.

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Walt Disney Family Museum

Admission: $20 (additional charges for special exhibits)

The Walt Disney Family Museum, located at the Presidio in San Francisco, was established in 2009. Dedicated to all things Walt Disney, the museum has features on Disney’s life, career, animation, the Disney studios and the Disney parks.

Its a good thing that they have very big banners, as the museum in located in one of the rather nondescript buildings at the Main Post.

Disney was an ambulance driver in WWII.

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Sacramento Lunar Flower Festival (Hoi Hoa Xuan)

Admission: Free

The Lunar Flower Festival (Hoi Hoa Xuan) is an event that takes place around the Lunar New Year in Sacramento focusing onsale of the flowers and fruit traditionaly purchased for the new year’s celebrations.

As advertised, very pretty flowers, though less than I was expecting.

Also, fruit shaped like flowers.

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San Francisco Presidio


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