Ano Nuevo State Park

Admission: $7 (for guided tours) and $10 for parking (per car)

Ano Nuevo State Park is probably the best place in all of California (if not the world) to check out elephant seals in their natural habitat. The seals are usually out on the beach at any given time, but maybe be there for different reasons (fighting for mates, birthing, molting, etc.) depending on the time of the year.

During the breeding and birthing season, the beaches are only accessible by guided tour to prevent idiots from getting too close to the seals.

Helpful signage is dotted throughout the park, giving details on the seals and the history of the area.

The education center (where you also pick up your tickets) is in a rather non-descript looking barn.

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Bok Kai Parade, Marysville

Originally built in 1850, the Bok Kai Temple currently stands at the corner of D and 1st Streets in Marysville. Bok Kai is a Chinese Water God and every year during the second month of the lunar year a parade is held in his honor.

It appears to be a very popular parade.

The ringing of the gong starts off the parade.

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Rio Vista

The city of Rio Vista, CA is located on the Sacramento River in the Delta. Originally named Brazos del Rio and founded in 1858, the town moved to it’s current location in 1862 after a particularly nasty flood (as the Sacramento River tends to do occasionally). It is one of several cute little historical towns in the region and has it’s own walking tour and museum.

Walking tour brochure and map. You can snag a copy off of their website (linked above).

Foster’s Big Horn, which as advertised, does have plenty of animal heads on it’s walls.

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Sonora Celtic Faire

Admission: $28

The Sonora Celtic Faire is the oldest and largest Celtic Faire on the West Coast and celebrates the Celtic cultures of Scotland, Ireland and England. You can find all kind of shops, food, bands and other performers, including jousting. The faire is now in it’s 29th year and takes place at the Mother Load Fairgrounds in Sonora.

You might want to get their earlyish, the line was kinda long by the time I got there after noon.

Absolutely beautiful harps.

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Monster Golf


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Bigfoot Discovery Museum


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Roaring Camp Railroads


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Walt Disney Family Museum


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Sacramento Lunar Flower Festival (Hoi Hoa Xuan)


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San Francisco Presidio


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