Petaluma Adobe

Admission: $3 (also gets you into Sonoma SHP)

Petaluma Adobe was once the center of General Vallejo’s 66,000 acre ranch begining in 1834. It was constructed to supply the General’s military command in the area and is constructed from adobe brick (hence the name) and redwood. The adobe was purchased by the state in the 1950s and became a National Historic Landmark in the 1970s.

Hey, its the General.

Beautiful and slightly slippery bridge from the parking lot to the adobe.

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Global Winter Wonderland

Admission: $16 (plus $10 for parking)

Global Winter Wonderland is a seasonal traveling exhibit that bills itself as a “spectactular, walk-through holiday festival and multi-cultural celebration”. It consists of iluminated lanscapes and monuments from around the world, shopping, Santa and carnival rides.

That is a giant christmas tree.

It’s hard to see, but the bear was spitting out bubbly-snow. It was cute the first time, and got progressivly more annoying each time I had to walk through it.

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Sonoma Square

Sonoma Plaza is the central Plaza of Sonoma, CA and was built in 1846 by Govenor Vallejo. Historically, it was the starting point of the Bear Flag Revolt, which led to the Mexican-American War. The plaza is currenlty home to many restaurants and shops and is situated directly next to the Sonoma State Historic Park.

If you plan on visiting by car, aim for the parking lot behind the SHP. It’s large, free and much easier than fighting for a spot on the street.

I can get behind this sentament.

As it is a town square, a flowy dress shop is a necessity.

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Sonoma SHP

Admission: $3 (also gets you into Petaluma Adobe SHP)

Sonoma SHP is an historical park in Sonoma that consists of serval different buildings including Mission San Francisco Sonoma, the Blue Wing Inn, the Sonoma Barracks, the Toscano Hotel and and General Vallejo’s house. The mission itself was the last and northern-most of the Spanish Mission built in the early 1800s by the Spanish in order to “civilize” the locals.

I was happy to see the sign, the Sonoma SHP is smack downtown, and was pretty easy to miss.

Looking inside the Toscan Hotel, which was just about to open up for visitors.

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Folsom Prison Museum


Folsom Prison Museum Admission: $2 The Folsom Prison Museum was built in 1975 and is located on the grounds of the Folsom State Prison. The prison is dedicated to the prison staff who have died of cancer and houses …


Sacramento Harvest Festival


Sacramento Harvest Festival Admission: $9 (parking is $10) The Sacramento Harvest Festival is rather large arts and crafts festival out at Cal Expo with a Harvest/Christmas theme. It was a rather dreary day, though thats much better than “hot …


Downtown Roseville


Downtown Roseville Roseville, the largest city in Placer County, was originally a stage coach stop called Griders, then a railroad spot called Junctions and finally incorporated as the town of Roseville in 1909. While the outskirts have flourished, especially …


California Swan Festival


California Swan Festival Admission: Free (field trips range from $15-$30) The California Swan Festival, out of Marysville, is based around the annual winter arrival of thousands of migratory birds to the flooded rice fields that surround the area. The …


California Capital Book Festival


California Capital Book Festival Admission: Free The California Book Festival is a new festival this year, featuring authors, presentations, poets, comics, and of coarse, books. The festival was held at the Sacramento Convention Center, which seemed a bit more …


Sacramento Women’s Expo


Sacramento Women’s Expo Admission: $10 The Sacramento Women’s Expo is, rather obviously, an expo desinged towards womens interests, including shopping, beauty and fashion. Along with the health and beauty booths, there were also a couple of psychics.