Sacramento Harvest Festival

Admission: $9 (parking is $10)

The Sacramento Harvest Festival is rather large arts and crafts festival out at Cal Expo with a Harvest/Christmas theme.

It was a rather dreary day, though thats much better than “hot as hell” which is what we usually get during the State Fair.

That’s a rather large stocking.

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Downtown Roseville

Roseville, the largest city in Placer County, was originally a stage coach stop called Griders, then a railroad spot called Junctions and finally incorporated as the town of Roseville in 1909. While the outskirts have flourished, especially the areas close to the freeways, the downtown and historic areas have fallen somewhat behind. Lately there has been quite the effort to revitalize the older areas like downtown and historic Roseville.

I do love you, free parking garages. You make parking so stress-free.

The Blue Line Gallery, free and open to the public.

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California Swan Festival

Admission: Free (field trips range from $15-$30)

The California Swan Festival, out of Marysville, is based around the annual winter arrival of thousands of migratory birds to the flooded rice fields that surround the area. The festival is now in it’s second year and features animal presentations, workshops, vendors and most importantly, field trips out to see the birds and other animals.

The festival take place at the Caltrans building, which is rather non-descript. Thankfully, there were signs, but I still drove past before figuring out where I was supposed to go.

Hey, its the Dead Animal table. Always god to see it.

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California Capital Book Festival

Admission: Free

The California Book Festival is a new festival this year, featuring authors, presentations, poets, comics, and of coarse, books.

The festival was held at the Sacramento Convention Center, which seemed a bit more cavernous do to the lack of crowd.

There seems to be a stage coach in the building.

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Sacramento Women’s Expo


Sacramento Women’s Expo Admission: $10 The Sacramento Women’s Expo is, rather obviously, an expo desinged towards womens interests, including shopping, beauty and fashion. Along with the health and beauty booths, there were also a couple of psychics.


Sacramento Horror Film Festival


Sacramento Horror Film Festival The Sacramento Horror Film Festival, now in it’s 8th year, features both short and feature length films, as well as smattering of presentations, panels and performances. There was a decent amount of vendors, but there …


Angel Island


Angel Island Angel Island, at various times a military installation, the West Coast Immigration Station, and a Quarantine Station currently lives its life as a State Park. Hiking, camping and history are currently its main attractions. As it is …


Farm to Fork Festival


Farm to Fork Festival Admission: Free In recent years, Sacramento has really pushed itself as “America’s Farm to Fork Capital” due its large abundance of farms and locally grown and raised food. As part of this push, several weeks …


Origins of Sacramento Food & Cultural Tour


Origins of Sacramento Food & Cultural Tour Price: $60 (I found a half off ticket on Gold Star) The Origins of Sacramento Food & Cultural Tour, run by Local Roots Food Tours, is a 3+ hour (and 2.75 mile) …


Fairfield Budweiser Factory Tour


Fairfield Budweiser Factory Tour Budweiser, one of many brands of the Anheuser-Busch company, runs a factory in Fairfield that distributes for most of the West Coast. Free tours are also open to the public. There’s always room for a …