Yolo Basin Duck Days Review

Yolo Basin Duck Days


Admission: $20-$25

Yolo Basin Ducks days is a festival that celebrates pretty much anything and everything related to the Yolo Bypass Wildlife Area including bugs, plant life, mammals, birds and of course, ducks. Workshops, live entertainment and, for an additional fee, field trips all over the basin, are offered thoughout the day.

Ooooh, a map. I do love it when I get a map. I know, it seems silly to be excited by a map, but really, not enough places provide them.

Rather neato fish tank/aquarium.

The fish seem to have figured out that staying in the far coroner of the kids fishing pond is a good plan.

Lovely on site pond.

The “guess the fur” game. I never do very well at this.

What are you doing, Beaver? That is not a log and you are not a carnivore.

Pretty, pretty hawk.

The model heron with no legs is a bit disturbing.

Poor Mr. Owl only has one eye. I’ve not doubt that he could still take me in a fight, however.

Long marmot is loooooonnnnnnnnnngggggggggg.

DUCKIES!!! I was allowed to hold one, but I had to use both hands so no picture of that.

Fully extended bat wing during the bat encounter.

Close up of said bat.

Dog training demo.

I’m not sure why the kids are wading in the pond, but it sure is cute.

Awesome-O-Meter: 3 Awesome Yolo Basin Duck Days is a fun and relatively unique festival. It’s aimed mostly at kids and families but I still a good time. It’s a bit expensive, but if you go on one of the field trips that greatly balances out the price. I didn’t go on one this time (wasn’t sure I was up for the multiple hours most were) but I’ll definitely try one out next time I go.

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