Wakamatsu Colony Walking Tour

Wakamatsu Colony Walking Tour


Price: $10

As I covered last year when I went to the Wakamtsu Colony Festival, the colony was founded in 1869 by a group of Japanse colonists looking for an escape from the Boshin War. Sadly, the colony only lasted a couple of years before it fell to drought, but before that it did have the honor of being (what is believed to be )the first Japanese colony in the United States.

The American River conservancy (who now administers to property) is now offering the occasional walking tour of the property.

The back lawn looks somewhat bigger without a whole lotta people in it.

Nifty banner advertising this years festival.

The very well informed docents giving us the back ground info.

The farm house and giant tree brought over from Japan.

A vulture hanging out at the large pond.

Another view of the pond.

Beautiful open spaces.

Front and back view of Okei’s grave.

Mr. Lizard is also enjoying the talk.

The inside of the barn, which was not open during the festival.

The dairy.

Informational banners inside the farm house.

An upstairs room.

Awesome-O-Meter: 4 Awesomes I was quite excited when I heard that they were beginning walking tours of the colony. There are plenty of places in the area to view gold rush era history, but none like the unique history of the Wakamatsu Colony. The tour also offers a more intimate and informative picture of the colony than I got when I went to the festival (which has its own fun). Ten dollars is also a pretty decent price for tow hours and its for a very good cause.


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