Star Eco Station

Star Eco Station

Update 2014. Sadly Star Eco Station has closed

Price: $5-6

The Star Eco Station is a kids museum/animal rescue center in Rocklin, CA. Housing several different kinds of reptiles, birds and fish it aims to entertian and educate kids on the animals, the environment and our effect on both.

A rather unassuming, plain building from the outside.

And the complete opposite on the inside.

Joplin the Tortoise was very determined to find a weakness in her enclosure.

One of the many tranatulas on display in the big room.

I’m digging the mayan-ish walls. Adds a nice atmosphere.

What is this? A Yurtle the Turtle stack?

Joplin, about to show off her cantaloupe terrorizing skills.

An albino king snake.

Adorable chubby lizard.

I swear this parrot actually walked closer and moved into posing position when he saw I had a camera.

The parrots were RIDICULOUSLY loud.

And very eager to check us out.

Inside the black light storm drain. The Niece was very excited as to how her dress glowed.

An extremely long decked turtle.

Seemingly annoyed puffer fish.

The tiny, but cute gift shop.

Awesome-O-Meter: 4 Awesomes The Star Eco Station is a bit on the small side, but has a very nice selection of small animals and I’m certainly in favor of it’s educational and environmental ideals and cheapo price. It’s definitely more for smallish kids (4-10), so keep that in mind, but it’s definitely worth it’s price.

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