Sacramento Ballet: Inside the Director’s Studio, The Art of the Laugh

Sacramento Ballet: Inside the Director’s Studio, The Art of the Laugh

Admission: $15

This was my third trip out to an in studio show for the Sacramento Ballet (check out the ballet tag for my previous reviews) and it followed the same pattern as previous shows. The Sacramento Ballet’s director, Ron Cunningham, gives the audience a preview of the upcoming performance of the Ballet, which, for this show, was A Midsummer Night’s Dream. We also got to hear about various “bloopers” that have been experienced and/or witnessed by the dancers.

That…kinda looks like a shark costume. Please tell me that’s a shark costume, because now I’m getting visions of Jaws: the Ballet.

The dancers line up so we can be told who’s playing who.

There’s always time for exaggerated running.

Oberon is Very Contemplative.

Because he’s about to tell Puck (who I keep wanting to call Loki) go fuck some shit up.

And….they’re spent.

Suddenly, a donkey.

Titania is apparently a big fan of donkeys.

Cleanup, aisle 5.

This would be a Very Bad time for someone to slip.

Damn, my shark costume is apparently a giant flower-thing. And I had such high hopes for a Jaws/Naked Swimmer Victim Pas De Deux.

A dancer explains his rather inelegant landing during the bloopers section.

Awesome-O-Meter: 4 1/2 Awesomes It’s really no surprise that I’ve given this a high rating, after all I’ve done that for my other Sacramento Ballet reviews. Getting to see the choreography up close and personal is always fun, but this one gets an extra half an awesome because it is so much fun watching Serious Professional Dancers get to be Very Very silly.

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