Sacramento Ballet: A Night in the Roaring 20s

Admission: $25

In preparation for the Sacramento Ballet’s performance of The Great Gatsby, they opened up their studio for a preview of the choreography. There was also information on what goes into putting on The Great Gatsby, 20’s era themed drinks, and Charleston lessons.

Well, close enough.

Ron Cunningham, in his 25th year as the Sacramento Ballet’s artistic director. He is awesome.

I am in awe of the calf muscles.

This is apparently the jaunty section of the show.

The legs. They go on for-ev-er.

All three above shots are from the same giant piece of choreography where everyone managed to not run into each other or smack each other in the face. I am impressed.

The ballet version of musical chairs.

Well, if it wasn’t warm in here already, it certainly would be now.

I’m pretty sure my spine does not do that.

And for just $19.95 you too can own your own chair made of ballet dancers.

I did not participate in Charleston-ing as I didn’t want to show anyone up. Yes, that’s it.

Awesome-O-Meter: 4 Awesomes
A bit more expensive than the last time I went to a studio event, but there was extra added drinks and dancing lessons. There really isn’t any better way to see the inner workings of the ballet than these shows and there is no bad seat in the house.

The Great Gatsby runs February 7th-10th.

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