Red Hawk Casino

Red Hawk Casino Bruce Lee slot Machine

Red Hawk Casino

One of the newest casinos in Northern California, Red Hawk Casino is owned by the Shingle Springs Band of Miwok Indians and is located in, unsurprisingly, Shingle Springs which is right outside of Placerville.

Red Hawk Casino
Somewhat blurry shot of the standard casino layout with lots of blinky neon.

Red Hawk Casino large slot Machine
Rather large slot machine that was taller than I am. Bigger slots = bigger payout?

eagle statue
Large birds of prey seem to be a standard motif of casinos around here.

Red Hawk Casino Buffet
The buffet, looking promising. Service was somewhat slow, however. I understand that it was dinner time, but really, we shouldn’t have practically kidnap our server in order to get our drink orders in.

Red Hawk Casino BuffetRed Hawk Casino Buffet
Red Hawk Casino BuffetRed Hawk Casino Buffet
Red Hawk Casino Buffet
Multiple rounds of the buffet: ribs, deep fried shrimp, prime rib, italian bread and mashed potatoes all quite good. Cannoli was “meh”, but I was very spoiled with the cannoli at Vito’s in Pacific Grove. Overall, pretty good for a buffet and not too badly over priced.

Red Hawk Casino trashcan
The “please do not throw your needles in our trash cans” sign. I have been assured that this is for the diabetics and not the druggies, but still, it threw me for a moment.

Red Hawk Casino chandelier
Really pretty, and very large, chandelier above the escalator. Somewhat off center and blurry as I was doing my best not to fall backwards down the escalator. That would have been embarrassing.

Red Hawk Casino Princess Bride Slot Machine
EEEEEEEEE Princess Bride slot machine! Sadly, it was not kind to me, but just getting to play it was worth it. On the plus side, I was not attacked by ROUSes.

Red Hawk Casino Bruce Lee slot machine
Move over Godzilla vs. Military, Bruce Lee may be my new favorite slot machine. His wild card high kicks were very kind to me.

Awesome-O-Meter: 3 Awesomes. All in all, a fairly standard casino experience. Good amount of fun themed machines and I scored big on the free play when I signed up for the players club. Good, tasty food selection at the buffet, though I wasn’t impressed with the service.

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