New Years Eve, Old Sacramento

Posted By on January 6, 2013

old sacramento New Year's Eve

Most of you are probably aware of the shooting that happened after the fireworks show and I offer my most sincere condolances to those you lost family and/or freinds. I did debate whether or not I should put up this post, but I believe that the event itself was deserving of a review and hopefully tradgedy will not be a recurring theme in future years. And now, back to your regularly scheduled sillyness.

Sacramento has been doing fireworks for New Year’s Eve over the river in Old Sacramento every year since 2000. I figured I should actually try to get out and do something for New Year’s Eve and as this one was free, it seemed my best option.

old sacramento New Years Eve
It’s New Years, glowy plastic MUST be sold.

old sacramento New Years
And, apparently, souls must be saved.

old sacramento New Years Eve
Aww, the Lady Adams building is all gussied up.

old sacramento New Year's Eve
Apparently the Depp Fried Foodstuffs trend has migrated out of the fair circuit.

old sacramento New Year's Eve
Some tween cover band thingy. Thankfully, I am neither a tween nor possessing of a tween relative so I made my exit quickly.

And now, the fireworks:
old sacramento New Year's Eveold sacramento New Years
old sacramento New Yearsold sacramento New Years
old sacramento New Yearsold sacramento New Years
old sacramento New Yearsold sacramento New Years

old sacramento New Years
The firework reflecting off of a building across the water.

old sacramento New Years
Somewhat hard to see, but there’s a whole lotta smoke drifting across the extremely well-lit Ziggurat Building.

old sacramento New Years
Glow in the dark juggler. Kinda happy that I wasn’t horribly impressed and left the area earlier than I had planned.

Awesome-O-Meter: 4 Awesomes Yes, the night ended on a bad note, but that’s not really the fault of the event. I liked the nice variety of foods/drinks for sale and there was no shortage of blinky/neon things to buy. And as always, free events are always pluses. I’m sure I’ll be back again.

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