My Top Five Most Anticipated Adventures of 2013

powerhouse science center

Last week I posted My Top Five Favorite Adventures of 2012 as a year end special. This week, I’m putting up the top five things I am most excited about (hopefully) getting to review this year.

Things are rated purely on “most excited” scale, so feel free to try to get my Excitement Threshold elivated for things on my list or get entirely new things added in the comments.

Farm to Fork Festival

#5: Farm to Fork Festival

Sacramento recently got itself named the “Farm to Fork” Capital of America, which basically means we have a shit ton of farms in our general vicinity. To celebrate this, Sacramento will be having a week long celebration in late September capped off with a day long food festival. A day of food, what’s not to like?

Canopy Tour

#4: Overnight in Santa Rosa

Before I started this website, Santa Rosa was for the most part, just sorta there, especially seeing as I have little to no interest in wine tasting. However, within rather close distance to each other are the Sonoma Canopy Tours and Safari West. They are also both rather expensive, but I think I can swing it. The trip will be in early February and I haven’t yet decided on where to stay, so if anyone has any good restaurant or hotel suggested, let me know.

Powerhouse Science Center

#3 Powerhouse Science Center

The Discovery Museum will be moving into its brand spanking new digs at the old PG&E powerhouse on the banks of the Sacramento River. Specializing in science, technology, engineering and math the center will be a hands on learning experience for kids of all ages. And me, ’cause I’m a big kid. There’s a planetarium, and a space center and all kinds of cool stuff. Everything I can find still has it slated for 2013, though I haven’t seen a lot of activity going on at the site, so I wouldn’t be too surprised if it gets bumped back (Edit 3/13: Bah, prediction confirmed, it’s now set for a 2015 opening).

Roseville Animation Festival

#2 Roseville Animation Festival

So, yeah. I’m still miffed that no one told me about this in 2012. It looks like a crap ton of fun and I didn’t even know about it until after it was over, BOOOOO. With all kinds of interesting panels, shorts and events, it had better happen again in 2013 and I’m REALLY hoping it won’t be the same weekend as the above mentioned Farm to Fork Fest. I plan on throwing down for the full weekend and all the VIP events, though I dunno how much Sammy’s Rockin Island bar is gonna be my thing.

Comic Con

#1 Comic Con San Diego

Yes, yes, it’s not IN Northern California, but dammit its Geek Nirvana and I’m (hopefully) going this year, so I am most certainly going to be covering it. It’s THE big convention for not just comics but pretty much anything in Science Fiction and Fantasy (and sometimes just straight up action, hello Sons of Anarchy) and this will be my first time. Expect lots of pictures and not a lot of coherency.

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