Gold Country Fair

Gold Country Fair

Admission: $10

The fairgrounds are up in Auburn, which gives it a fun, in the woods feel.

Good grief, I have to buy 25 tickets before I get any kind of discount?

That’s actually really cool looking, I’m kinda sad I’m not 12 anymore.

Woah, what’s with the giant four-headed drag queens?

Ok, maybe I take back the idea that the woods were cool, hiking up hills, not so much fun.

Is that a turkey or a miniature ostrich?

Superhero Duck is all masked up and ready to save some citizens.

Cow was very intrigued by my camera.

This cow, I have dubbed “Slimer”.

So…your face comes out the cow’s mouth, so it looks like it devoured you whole? That’s excellent.


Gotta start ’em young, I guess.

Love a good bouncy house.

It’s a guacomobile!

Also love a good Dr Who reference.

Those are easily the most terrifying scarecrows I have ever seen.

nifty little mining museum on the fair grounds. Admission was free, but they didn’t allow pictures, so sadly, I can’t give a real review.

Awesome-O-Meter: 3 1/2 The Gold Country Fair is mostly your typical fair, but it’s somewhat unique setting and fun selection of animals gave it a little extra push.

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