Downtown Placerville

Downtown Placerville

Placerville, formerly known as Dry Diggins and Hangtown (more on that later) came into being on the 1840s after the discovery of gold by James Marshall in the nearby hills. Much of Main Street still has historical buildings and historical markers and you can snag a downloadable walking tour guide from the website.

EEEEEEEEEE snow! I am now glad that I wore my brand new snow boots.

Plaque commemorating the hanging of three guys and the subsequent renaming of the town to Hangtown. Maybe it’s just me, but “fair trial” and “vigilantes” don’t really go together.

Mural depicting local mail hero Snowshoe Thompson.

Poor snowman is not handling the warmer weather well.

Really nifty store: Pop Art Gallery & Framing

A Thomas Kinkade Gallery in what used to be a gambling hall and saloon called the Boomerang.

And above that, Ambiance, where I picked up a gorgeous necklace that I totally did not need.

A very cute inner courtyard thing with Dedrick’s Cheese and it’s cow.

Pretty sidewalk engravings.

There’s a lot of antiques on Main St.

Sadly, this really nifty looking store was not open.

Always good to know your clientele.

Superior Court building and it’s cannons.

The Placerville Museum in the old Sodaworks Building. lots of nifty old stuff including info on our friend Snowshoe. Also, free, which is always awesome.

Whole lotta pretty going on at Empress.

The Druid Monument. The fraternal order, not the celtic kind.

Lovely little creek.

The Placerville Sodaworks Building. Really cool looking old building and I totally missed the legs in the chimney until right now.

That is a COLORFUL building.

Plaque dedicated to John Studebaker. Yes, THAT Studebaker. He apparently made his early fortune selling wheelbarrows to miners.

Placerville Hardware is the oldest continuously operating hardware store west of the Mississippi.

The Bell Tower, all decked out for Christmas.

Winterhill Olive Oil shop. Finally, a tasting I am actually interested in! I really liked both the garlic and rosemary.

Awesome-O-Meter: 4 Awesomes Downtown Placerville is an adorable little old town with a nice mix of the historic and the current. There’s plenty of fun shops and restaurants and the walking tour brochure gives a nice glimpse into the past. It was a little crowded to really be comfortable, but it is the Christmas season. There was a nice parking garage and while it wasn’t free (like Roseville’s) the first two hours were and after that it was only $1 per hour.


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