Aerospace Museum of California

aerospace museum

Aerospace Museum of California

Admission: $8

Opened in 2007 at the former McClellan Airforce Base, the Aerospace Museum of California boasts a large collect of planes, engines, motion simulators, and other flight memoribilia.

aerospace museum playground
I am suddenly very happy that I didn’t bring the niece. We’d be spending all day playing on that, admittedly, awesome looking playground.

aerospace museum building
It’s a very tall building, and thankfully for my sense of direction, very hard to miss.

aerospace museum Pitts Special
What are you doing Pitts Special S-1C? You are drunk, go home.

aerospace museum engine
It’s an engine the size of an elephant.

aerospace museum solar power
Fully solar powered? That’s pretty cool.

aerospace museum women in aerospaceaerospace museum tuskegee airmen
Special features on both women in Aerospace and the Tuskegee Airmen. Very nice.

aerospace museum rutan model 54
White Rutan Model 54 Quickie was apparently somewhat inspired by X-wings.

aerospace museum titan 4 rocket engine
Titan 4 rocket engines. Very Big.

aerospace museum balcony
View form the balcony, including a nice shot of a neato looking training target.

aerospace museum motion simulator
Ooh a motion simulator.

aerospace museum bear on roller skates
A Bear. With wings. On roller skates. As bears do.

aerospace museum mars timeline
A timeline of Mars exploration. I’d like to go to Mars, can we work on that?

aerospace museum
A signed Red Tails poster. It’s suddenly very dusty in my eyes.

aerospace museum plane seats
I quite like the plane seats for viewing video presentations.

aerospace museum engineering
Neato little stations that encourage interest in engineering.

aerospace museum aardvark
The Aardvark

aerospace museum lockhead warning star
Lockheed “Warning Star”.

aerospace museum jolly green giantaerospace museum jolly green giant
The “Jolly Green Giant” helicopter. It most certainly is giant.

aerospace museum
It kinda reminds me of the funny big-mouth whales.

aerospace museum fire truck
Foam spewing fire truck.

Awesome-O-Meter: 3 1/2 Awesomes This was my first ever trip out to the Aerospace Museum and I must say I was pretty impressed. A bit small, but very well appointed, with a very nice variety in exhibits. Also, a very decent entrance fee. Sadly, it was too cold to really enjoy the outside planes, but that’s just a good excuse to come back later.

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